Friday, April 30, 2010

Outdoor Coed Rules 2010

Saskatoon Adult Soccer 9 vs 9 Coed Half Field Rules & Regulations
(2010 Version)

Law 1.
The Field
The field is 53yds x 69yds. Surface is artificial grass.

Law 2.
The Goals
The size of the nets will be regulation outdoor goals: 8.0ft x 24ft

Law 3.
Off Side
There will be no offside in the Coed League.

Law 4.
Corner Kicks
As per FIFA Regulations
Corner Kicks are to be taken from the corner spot. The opposing players must remain at least 10 yds away from the ball until it is played. The kicker may not touch the ball again until it has touched another player. If he/she does, a free kick is awarded against them.

Law 5.
Free Kicks
As per FIFA Regulations
Players must remain at least 5 yards away from all free kicks until the ball is played.

Law 6.
Throws Ins
As per FIFA Regulations
A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw-in. The throw–in is to be taken from the point where it left the playing surface to the opponents of player who last touched the ball.

When the ball goes out of bounds on the side of the field. The result will be throw-in for the opposition at the point where the ball exited play.

Law 7.
All games played on the artificial surfaces will use an outdoor FIFA regulated ball. Ball Size 5
Law 8.
SAS will allow an unlimited number of substitutions during a game. These substitutions will be allowed “on the fly” but will take place in a designated area at center field. A player must be fully off the field before their replacement is allowed on. Substitutions must take place in the designated area on your team’s side of half. Failure to follow proper substitution rules will result in a yellow card.

Law 9.
Number of Players
All games will be played with 9 players per team on the field. This is 8 outfield players (4 Male and 4 Female ) and 1 goalie (either Male or Female).

Law 10.
Duration of Game
All 9 vs. 9 games will consist of (2) – 25 Minute Halves with a 3 Minute Half Time Break

Law 11.
All footwear must be clean and meet the following guidelines:
• No Metal Cleats
• Must be Soccer Cleats
o Molded Studs
o Blades
o Turf Trainers
o Indoor Shoes
Law 12.
Slide Tackling
There will be no slide tackling allowed in Coed games.

Law 13.
a) If a player receives a red card in the regular SAS league or the Co-ed league, that player must serve their suspension in the league that they are registered in. Example, if a player who plays Men’s 3 receives a red card in a co-ed game, he must serve his suspension with his Men’s 3 team as that is the team that he is technically registered to and is not eligible to participate in a co-ed game until his suspension has been served.

b) Outdoor card rules will apply.

Law 14.
Roster size will be limited to 25 players. There will be no permitting allowed for coed games.

Law 15.
League Champion
Because this is a recreational league win/loses/ties will be kept track of, but not goals. The league champion will be determined by a fairplay point system. Referee’s will hand out fairplay points after each game, and the office will keep track of them. The team with the most fairplay points at the end of the season will be the league champion.

SDSA Rules and Regulations, and Discipline will apply.

FIFA Regulations will also be used.

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