Saturday, June 4, 2011

Outdoor Coed Rules 2011

Saskatoon Adult Soccer 9 vs 9 Coed Half Field Rules & Regulations
                                                                                (2011 Version)

1.         The Field
            The field is 53yds x 69yds.  Surface is artificial grass.

2.         The Goals

            The size of the nets will be regulation outdoor goals: 8.0ft x 24ft

3.         Off Side
There will be no offside in the Coed League.

4.         Corner Kicks

            As per FIFA Regulations
Corner Kicks are to be taken from the corner spot. The opposing players must remain at least 10 yds away from the ball until it is played. The kicker may not touch the ball again until it has touched another player. If he/she does, a free kick is awarded against them.
5.         Free Kicks
As per FIFA Regulations
Players must remain at least 5 yards away from all free kicks until the ball is played.

6.         Throws Ins
            As per FIFA Regulations
A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw-in. The throw–in is to be taken from the point where it left the playing surface to the opponents of player who last touched the ball.

When the ball goes out of bounds on the side of the field.  The result will be throw-in for the opposition at the point where the ball exited play.

7.         Ball

All games played on the artificial surfaces will use an outdoor FIFA regulated ball. Ball Size 5

8.         Substitutions

SAS will allow an unlimited number of substitutions during a game.  These substitutions will be allowed “on the fly” but will take place in a designated area at center field.  A player must be fully off the field before their replacement is allowed on.  Substitutions must take place in the designated area on your team’s side of half.  Failure to follow proper substitution rules will result in a yellow card.

9.         Number of Players

All games will be played with 9 players per team on the field.  This is 8 outfield players (4 Male and 4 Female ) and 1 goalie (either Male or Female).  The minimum number of players to play a game or continue playing is 6.

10.       Duration of Game

            All 9 vs. 9 games will consist of (2) – 25 Minute Halves with a 3 Minute Half Time Break

11.       Footwear

            All footwear must be clean and meet the following guidelines:
  • No Metal Cleats
  • Must be Soccer Cleats
    • Molded Studs
    • Blades
    • Turf Trainers
    • Indoor Shoes

12.       Uniforms
Teams must wear matching uniforms of the same color (with the exception of the goalkeeper).  Jerseys are not expected to be numbered, but it is recommended.

13.       Slide Tackling
            There will be no slide tackling allowed in Coed games.

14.       Discipline
a)      If a player receives a red card in the regular SAS league or the Co-ed league, that player must serve their suspension in the league that they are registered in.  Example, if a player who plays Men’s 3 receives a red card in a co-ed game, he must serve his suspension with his Men’s 3 team as that is the team that he is technically registered to and is not eligible to participate in a co-ed game until his suspension has been served.

b)      Outdoor card rules will apply.

15.       Rosters
            Roster size will be limited to 18 players. 

16.       Permitting
Player permit rules are set in place for the reason that when teams are short players they have a place to pull player to fill up their roster for games.  Below is a set of rules that must be followed.

A.                GENERAL PERMIT RULES

The following are general rules that apply for ALL permitting.

i)                    Please refer to 16B. ii) Division Hierarchy to see where players are allowed to permit.
ii)                  Every player is allowed a number of permits per season.  Any player who plays over the allowed number of permits will be subject to discipline.
iii)                Permits are tied to the player. (Example, if you used up all of your permits and then transfer to that team, you are not allowed any additional permits.)
iv)                If a player permits in any games after using up all of their permits, the player is deemed as an ineligible player for that game It is the teams’ responsibility to ensure that all permit players are eligible to play prior to playing with their team. 
v)                  Players who have been red-carded or are serving suspension are ineligible for permit play until either they have been found innocent or any suspension levied has been fulfilled. 
vi)                Permit play is tallied for ALL games (including exhibition).

B.                 ADULT PERMITS

i)                    Players are allowed 2 permits per season.
ii)                  Division Hierarchy – This scale defines where players may permit. You may only permit to a division higher than yours.

Can Permit From

Coed Div 1

Div 2, 3, 4
Coed Div 2
Div 3, 4
Coed Div 3
Div 4
Coed Div 4
Div 4

C.                YOUTH PERMITS

Youth Players can not permit to the Adult Coed

17.       League Champion

A.        A division championship is awarded to the team with the most points at the end of the Regular season.  Points are awarded as follows:  3 points for a win; 1 point for a tie; 0 points for a loss.

B.        Exhibition games are not included in the standings.  Exhibition games are governed by all other SAS Regulations. 

C.        If at the end of the season, 2 or more teams are tied for 1st place, the following tie breaking procedure will be used to determine the final standings: (in this order)

i)          Previous Match Results
(The winner of the match(es) between 2 or more teams tied in points shall be awarded the higher position.)
ii)         Goal Difference between 2 or more teams tied (Goal difference shall be calculated by subtracting goals against from goals scored in the games vs. tied teams.)
iii)        Play-Off Game

SAS Rules and Regulations, and Discipline will apply.

FIFA Regulations will also be applied.

Roster Players 2011 (Final)

Alison Korpess
Lisa Whelan
Laura Whelan

Amanda Claffey
Melissa Krakowetz
Sadie Swanson
Ashley Gulic
Luanne  (binder in car will add later)

Dan Waldner
Geno Cortes
Clayton Henderson

Dan Surkan

Aaron Hacke

Jordan Sillito
Andy Palmer
Brando Quiring

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rostered Players

This is the 2011 Outdoor season:



Monday, April 11, 2011

Summer Season

Time to start the blog again for the new summer season and update it and post stuff and send to all players.

  1. Create new paid players spreadsheet (done)
  2. send reminder to players (done)
  3. review the rules & post to blog
  4. create roster page on blog
  5. add names to roster of paid players to SSA (done)
  6. send email out to team about blog
  7. Purchase soccer ball & first aid kit

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interested Players

As of today this is the list of interested players:

Alison K
Ashley G
Melissa K
Amanda W
Laura W
Lisa W
Cindy W
Mischelle (Amanda's friend)
Angie P

Clayton H
Dave W
Geno C
Hudson Byblow
Ian P
Jordan (Ashley's boyfriend)
Matt S
J Albert

Indoor Season 2010

Season start: Oct 25/10
14 games in total
Day of week: Friday or Saturday
Location: Kinsmen Henk Ruys Soccer Arena
18 roster players maximum
Cost is $105 or $128.50 (lower amount for players playing with another Men's or Women's Boarded Team) (cost is based on full roster)
Interested players deadline will be August
This year's structure is a little different they will have division 1 - 4 (with 4 being equivalent to coed fun) i suggest we stay in 4 for this indoor season - if we find we are winning every game we might go up a for next season division.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The practice will be held at Brevoort School Park.
Time: 7:00pm
Day: So far Monday is winning but still have half team to respond

Discuss rules
Meet other team mates
Discuss t-shirts
Receive ID cards